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Problems with your EFI?

When it comes to fuel injected cars, look no further than Roadside Auto Care for an accurate diagnosis. We are constantly updating our equipment and knowledge base to ensure you; the customer, are assured of a correct diagnosis the first time.

Down time on your vehicle is not only of a great inconvenience but may also be costly, at Roadside Auto Care we understand how important it is for your car to be reliable in every way.

In modern vehicles of today it is not uncommon to find up to five (5) onboard computers in your car. You have systems such as ABS, EFI, Traction Control, Body Control, Transmission Control and other systems that all rely on an onboard computer.

Using the latest diagnostic equipment available from Electra, we are able to interface with your vehicles onboard computer via our own laptop computer. The result is an accurate diagnosis with a printed report of any faults within your EFI system both before and after repairs are affected.
No one can offer this kind of diagnosis the way we do.