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Our Guarantee

It's FIXED or it's FREE!

What does it mean?

So we don't get off on the wrong foot here you need to be aware that we are totally committed to repairing your car, properly and to your satisfaction. We will also be expecting you to pay for such a service. It's FIXED or It's FREE is our commitment to you and your car that it will be fixed and fixed correctly.

This means if our technicians are unable to locate your fault, and exhaust all avenues of diagnosis and repair, we will refund you for the work they have performed. It also means that we are totally committed to providing the right service, the first time.

What it Does NOT mean.

It is only free if we cannot fix it. It does not mean if we cannot fix it for a price then it must be free. It does not mean fixed for free or fixed and it's free. We do not promise that it will be fixed the first time or it's free. Free does not include parts used unless we have reconditioned your original component and are unable to provide a used component to the same quality and standard as that of your original.

When a mobile service is provided and a diagnosis offered, you may elect to have our representative cease work. In an event that we are prohibited from completing our work or diagnosis, we are not able to offer the work free of charge.

If you would like further clarification please email us with your questions, we are only to happy to answer your needs.